International Powwow

Charlie Moran – Emcee

Greetings Friends and Relatives, My name is Charlie Moran Sr. My Hidatsa name is Sheshee. I am from the Flint Knife Clan and a child of the Dripping Dirt. I am Hidatsa and Mandan from the MHA Nation and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.

I’m currently teaching Hidatsa Language and Custom, Traditions at New Town Public School for the past seven years. I have worked for the youth of Ft. Berthold for the past 28 years; Growth and Development Grant from the State of ND, HUD Grant called Drug Elimination and Youth Sports, TAT Boys and Girls Club of America, Mandaree Schools and now New Town Schools. I have been announcing Celebrations (Powwows), Local Societies Gathering, Community Activities, Sporting Events, Conferences for the past 28 years. I have worked all the Ft. Berthold Celebrations; Poplar Indian Days; Ft. Kipp Celebration: Crow Fair: Ft. Totten Days, Prairie Band of Potawatomi, Mayetta, KS; Yorkton Celebration, Yorkton Sask, Canada; Cannonball Celebration.