International Powwow


Early Bird Registration

Early Bird Rates – Deadline – August 1, 2024

Food Vendors Full Space (30’x15′)    $1,200 (12 Available)
Food Vendor Half Space (15’x15′)  $650 (2 Available) access to water/electricity                                      Food Vendor Half Space (15’x15) $500 (2 Available) NO access to water/electricity                                   Arts and crafts vendor (12’x 15′)  $500 (48 Available) 

After August 1, 2024 prices will be normal rate:

Food vendor full space (30’x 15′) – $1,300
Food vendor 1/2 space  – $700
Arts and crafts vendor (12′ x 15′) – $600

 Registration link: Register Here

**Please contact Lacey to get on the vendor registration waitlist. Payment will be due at the time of registration.**

Powwow Vendor Coordinators  

Melissa Plenty Chief    701-805-1779
Lacey Brunelle                 701-221-1314

Booth Setup

Upon arrival check in with the Powwow Vendor Coordinator, No setup can start or be performed until the Powwow Vendor Coordinator has given clearance. No early sales can be made before inspection. There will be no booth space switching, changing, or subletting to another vendor without prior written approval from the Powwow Vendor Coordinator.

The Average food vendor space is 30’ x 15’ and the average arts and crafts vendor space is 12’ x 15’. Any full space allotment, which goes beyond the required dimensions, will be required to purchase two full spaces.

All sales will be limited to the booth or stand assigned. No selling may be done out of vehicles or by soliciting sales on the powwow grounds or dance arena.

Electrical Specifications

Each food vendor space is supplied with a 30-amp, 120-volt, and one 50-amp plug in. Each art and crafts vendor space is supplied with one 110-volt outlet for their use during the event. Only one electrical cord is allowed per outlet. No self-wiring will be allowed.

Vendors MUST have a surge protector device with a built-in on/off switch and an overcurrent protection.


The North Dakota State Electrical Board will inspect all vendors’ stands/booths consuming electricity from United Tribes Technical College for $15.00. THE $15.00 INSPECTION FEE IS TO BE PAID BY VENDORS IN CASH. Receipts will be issued if needed.

This is a prerequisite to opening the stand.

Vendor Responsibility

Vendors agree to indemnify, defend, and hold UTTC and its employees, agents, heirs, directors, and assignees harmless from any and all claims or losses, injuries to vendors, customers, or any other person, including death, property loss or damage, occurring or resulting from electrical use by vendor, or the general operation of vendor’s booth, or the placement of vendor’s booth and property, and the layout and design of the same, or from the sale of goods, or goods themselves sold, by vendors.

Vendors must be in compliance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (P.L. 101- 644). Vendors misrepresenting goods will lose selling privileges and be excluded from vending in the future.

Each vendor is responsible and liable for any damages they may incur while on the premises and are totally liable for any damages sustained to their equipment or merchandise.

Vendors are responsible for monitoring their booths at all times. The vendor is also responsible for the security of his/her money and providing the necessary change.

Vendors are responsible for keeping their spaces clean.


Only one vehicle is permitted per vendor if parking space is available. Any person(s) failing to comply will be towed at vendors’ cost.


All reservations are confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis through an online application.

The UTTC Powwow Committee reserves the right to refuse any application.


The highest personal conduct and integrity is expected of all exhibitors in the vendor area, powwow grounds, and dance arena. United Tribes Technical College is an ALCOHOL/DRUG/SMOKE FREE campus and we require all persons strictly adhere to this policy. UTTC is also a pet free zone. Violators will be removed from the premises.

Sales Tax

United Tribes Technical College is required by law to provide your tax permit number to the North Dakota Tax Commissioner. Each vendor is responsible for collecting North Dakota sales tax (6.5%) on all sales made during the event. You are required by law to collect 6.5 percent sales tax and mail your proceeds to the local office of the North Dakota State Tax Commissioner.

Health Inspections

Vendors must be prepared for local and state inspections should the need arise. Food vendors must display a current and valid food handlers’ permit from the local or home area.


Vendors are required to provide a certificate or other evidence as proof of insurance. Vendors must carry a $1,000,000 liability policy with United Tribes Technical College named as the additional insured for the dates of September 8 to 10, 2023.


The use of the United Tribes Technical College International Powwow logo is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the United Tribes International Powwow Committee. Conducting the sale of raffles and/or soliciting of monetary donations is prohibited.

Arts & Crafts Exclusions

The UTTC Powwow Committee reserves the right to refuse the sale of any item(s), which it deems to be inappropriate, immoral, derogatory, offensive or dangerous to its visitors. This to include selling of items such as noisemakers, squirting devices, laser lights. or items and/or apparel that promotes the use of tobacco, drugs and/or alcohol or any inappropriate verbiage/artwork.

ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONRY may be sold, such as knives, guns, bows, or any illegal items.

Booths will be investigated thoroughly upon setup and periodically throughout the weekend. Any vendor found to be selling any of the aforementioned items and/or objects will be required to remove them immediately. After first warning, failure to comply will be grounds for agreement cancellation and exhibitor removal without reimbursement of space rental fee.