International Powwow



Tiny Tot Special, Sponsored by MHA Chairman Mark N Fox, Saturday evening

Men’s(open to all categories) Memorial Special in Honor of Louis Laundreaux “Buster” and Nicodemus David Seaboy “Ol Danny”, Saturday Evening

1st Place $800 Drop Bustle & Pendleton 

2nd Place $600 Drop Bustle & Pendleton

3rd Place $400 Drop Bustle & Pendleton

4th Place $200 Drop Bustle & Pendleton

And 10 consolations $100

Committee Specials


Veteran’s Special, Friday Evening

Men’s Fancy, Friday Evening

Cradle Board Special, Saturday Evening

                1st Place – $500, 2nd  Place – $400, 3rd Place – $300, 4th Place – $200

 Team Dance, Sunday Afternoon

                1st Place – $1000, 5 Consolations – $500


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