International Powwow

Rooster Top Sky – Head Man Judge

I am Chippewa-Cree from Rocky Boy MT. I am educated in health and involved in my culture, language, and a healthy active lifestyle. Powwow has given me a lot of opportunities to meet great people throughout Indian country.

My late father was a huge mentor throughout my life educationally, culturally as well as a powwow. He was a professor in language and anthropology at Montana state university northern. My dad graduated from Idaho state university in political science. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion.

I try and to get the youth more culturally involved in our ceremonies. I am always willing to help or assist the youth as well as inviting them to gain interest. Our language is what defines us as certain tribes. So general language is important for us as Native Americans.

I look forward to being a part of the UTTC International Powwow head staff this year.